About Me


Simon Pan


During college in Boston, I took multiple courses in photography. The more I indulged into it, the more passionate I feel towards it. I feel that this “new found hobby” allows me to tell a story from my heart through the lens of my camera while also delivering the excerpted products to my models and clients.For weddings, I offer high photojournalistic quality to ensure the perfect portrayal of the ultimate love story. I love being able to capture the wide variety of memorable emotions and special moments. I also love fashion photography. I work well with models and I communicate to make sure everyone involved is comfortable and I take all creative input into account so that everyone is happy with the end results. I feel that modeling is a type of art whether through body expressions or showcasing designer garments. I love being able to capture that art into a photo. After all, a Photo is worth a thousand words.

I have numerous opportunities and my extensive experience portfolio includes: shooting portraits photography (family portraits and model look-books, business), weddings photography (pre-event, engagement, bridal showers, and ceremony/banquet), commercials photography (restaurant menu/websites and products), magazines photography (ads and editorials), and events photography (networking, fashion shows, launch parties, graduations, baby showers), food photography.

I have knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, DPP, Capture One Pro and Creative studios.